I Sense a Theme: Social Media Gets the Boot, My Brain Gets Unmuted

I found myself coming across videos about getting rid of your social media accounts, and somewhere deep in my gut and my heart, butterflies flutter. Why? Because social media is

Blogs and Social Media: How to Time Travel to Truer Times

A blog is a private journal, open to the world. Social media is the ultimate popularity contest, with highs and lows. The difference between the two is very important to

How to Actually Get Into the Paper (or Program)

Write for the paper or program. Seriously. Write an article or voiceover/interview that you think would appear in it. Either use it to pitch to them (if they take pitches)

Jazz Vocalist Ty Cooper “I’m All For You” Album Release Show Sunday 10/22 at Skokie Theater

Article by Hannah Frank, On Axis Music Photos by Thomas Mohr Ty Cooper, jazz artist performing Sunday October 22, 2017 at Skokie Theater’s  I’m All For You album release show, talks about her life, her work, and what matters most to her: YOU. Ty Cooper, jazz stylist and artist, is performing Sunday October 22, 2017, 7:00pm, at Continue Reading